Lately I’ve been exploring the relationship ancient people had with the ocean.

I’ve always had a love of the sea, and have found that diving is the best way to interact with the ocean in a respectful way that fulfills my curiosity. It’s amazing how much of our time is spent thinking about daily human problems (for me it’s looking after the kids – school, clothes, dinner, the dreaded homework) when the world is covered by waters in which live a variety of strange and wonderful creatures whose lives we hardly acknowledge.

In particular, recently, I’ve started work as a teaching assistant in history lessons at a local school. One site I remember seeing years ago and have come back to recently is this one. So interesting how something I regard as amazing for its mysteries and power was seen by the Greco-Romans as a something to be feared and revered. It’s amazing how many individuals – particularly freedmen – used their wealth to sail the seas. Read more here – I think the freedman Aulus Calidius Amotan is my favorite! What a fascinating, unbelievable rags to riches tale.


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