Ancient discovery in modern Egypt!

Things really do come in threes. In the middle of February, Michael had a public speaking competition at school and he decided to read the amazing Shelley poem ‘Ozymandias’. Such a beautiful sonnet about adventure, history and ancient discoveries.

Only a few days later, I was walking past my favorite local book shop, Whileaway, and saw they had – displayed right in the window – a gorgeously illustrated copy of Shelley’s poems. I bought it as a gift for Michael (and admittedly for myself!).

Then, thirdly, came the news that an ancient sculpture believed to have been of Ozymandias himself had been discovered in Cairo. Unbelievable.

If a huge Egyptian statue as historically important and as beautiful as this can be unearthed today, just imagine what other wonders might still lie beneath our feet!


Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 16.25.07
Ancient sculptures and hidden histories

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